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Healthcare services

Our work serves to improve processes for a better health experience for the patient. 


To book events, promotional days and beauty center management and appointments.


CRM to profile patients based on their needs and increase cross-selling


eCommerce for pharmacy to improve management and your web presence

Ready in Farma

App of your pharmacy full of services and available for iPhone and Android


VPS, Server, Cloud, data storage with security protocols dedicated to data protection.


BOT with AI to help your patient navigate through your services


Manage electronic prescriptions in one panel and update status for your patient


FarmaEcommerce module to connect management systems and wholesalers.

Doctor in Cloud

Simplify communication between general practitioner, pharmacist and patient.

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We develop dedicated and completely customized solutions for the healthcare world and adaptable to all your existing services.

Other software to improve your stay in Caygri


To reach your patients with emails, reminders and tailor-made promotions

therapeutic adherence

Remind your patients when to take their medicines and which medicines

Social Posters

One click to post your news on Facebook, Instagram, Google MyBusiness!