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ProntoinFarma: app of your pharmacy

Dear friends,

we have arrived in November, it is time for planting and hard work .. it is a month where Christmas is planned, it is the month of Black Friday and next year's business settings.

There are many ongoing projects in the Caygri house. It took a while to wait but ProntoinFarma the site is available, soon a demo app will also be available to navigate and test it with all its features. Now we can reveal the secret .. what does Prontoinfarma do?

ProntoinFarma is a personalized app dedicated to the pharmacy for sponsorship and social and technological use of the pharmacy. You can have the app with the name and logo of the pharmacy to manage the usual recipes that pharmacists receive via Whatsapp without losing them and see them all together in a single panel, notify the customer of the arrival or preparation of their medical prescription via push notifications .

Having an app for your pharmacy means being in every mobile phone of your customers with your contact details, with your own schedules and links to social networks and helps you to sponsor and manage your events in the pharmacy directly from your mobile and always be updated for changes / cancellations of reservations.

The app allows you to have 2 types of users for the advanced management of prices and promotions and to send push notifications dedicated to your customers.

According to the needs of the pharmacy it is possible to integrate your e-commerce and your own management system, so as to always have everything together and to know which channel you receive the order from.

I remind you that the app is already available and already used in 6 pharmacies, if you want to find out how the price works, just contact us!

The quote is always free, but until December 31st there is a unique promotion, that is 25% discount!