CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the tool to better manage relationships and interactions with your customers 

In a competitive market, overcrowded with competitors and products, it is essential stand out and know how to manage relationships in the best way with individual customers, suppliers and other businesses. 

Welcoming customers with their name and knowing what medications they are on is a good practice but a service that is difficult to put into practice. When dealing with numerous customers, it is humanly impossible to remember everyone's regular purchases or needs. 

Here because the solution is to invest in CRM software, a tool that can help you be more organized and better manage customer interactions. 

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is the software that contains all the synchronized and constantly updated information of every single customer of your pharmacy, offline and online. All possible points of contact to attract their attention and establish a trusted pharmacist-customer relationship, without straining too much memory. 

The pharmacy is a trusted place: why manage the relationship with customers 

Adopting and installing a CRM means putting the customer at the center. CRM is the tool for creating, developing and growing a personalized relationship with each individual customer. Collects data on current and potential customers, useful information to improve the customer experience in the pharmacy. An experience more targeted to the individual brings a net improvement to turnover. 

For customers, the pharmacy is a trusted place: the pharmacist is a figure they gladly return to for advice and information. This creates a stable, quality relationship that lasts over time: a relationship of loyalty. 

A loyal customer: 

  • it is less cost-sensitive and less likely to purchase competing drugs. The first thought is product reliability
  • has a Word of mouth powerful. He will speak well of the pharmacy and / or products with friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the keys to success
  • does not need paid advertising campaigns, events, etc. He already knows your pharmacy and already buys your products, he needs no introduction. 
  • is more prone to purchase other products of the same line and / or brand. 

An efficient customer service helps to create a good after-sales service and to create relationships with all customers, who will see in the pharmacy the trusted place where they can go for purchases of drugs and / or products and advice of various kinds. 

CRM software is the indispensable tool for building a database on customers and keeping in constant contact with them. The installed CRM is always updated and synchronized with the pharmacy databases and includes all customers, even those online.  

The reasons for investing in CRM software

A CRM allows you to collect detailed customer data and store it in an easy-to-access database, helps meet customer needs and improve retention rates. 

Why invest in CRM software? 

  • keep track of each customer's history and purchasing habits. Thus, it is easy to develop customized services based on what they want and need. With a CRM tool you can propose personalized offers, discounts or promotions via the Web, mobile, social and on-site devices. 
  • It is the tool for easily stay in touch with customers. Drive repeat purchases, send notification emails and reminders, personalized offers, quickly respond to questions, concerns or complaints on social networks and send updates. All interactions in one easy-to-access tool. The CRM tool is constantly synchronized with all the data of the pharmacy's customers, online (those who buy on e-commerce) and not. 
  • Usable by all employees of your pharmacy that they have access to all customer data they are serving: birthday, interests, social media, sales history and contact details. By complying with current privacy regulations, it is also a useful tool for keeping track of a customer's health information. 

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