Green pass automatically, those who do not receive the AUTHCODE code can download it online, issue the certification even without SPID, with a health card.

Ilgreenpass Italian is generated automatically, to obtain the Covid certificationin paper or digital format (or with only QR Code) the code is usedAUTHCODE, which you can receive at the email address or telephone number you provide at the time of vaccination, or you can retrieve it independently from the DGC national portal (

How to get AUTHCODE online

To get the AUTCHODE just visit thislink: fill in the fields with the tax code and health card: la new feature“Retrieve your AUTHCODE“, Activatefrom July 30, allows you to immediately obtain the AUTHCODE code or the other types of code, i.e. those released following a swab (CUN or NRFE for the antigen / molecular test) or certificate of cure (NUCG).

Green Pass with AUTHCODE

Hence, whoever does not receive the code viaSMSoEmail(e-mail) when the Covid-19 Green Certification is ready, you can retrieve your code in a few seconds: just use the function, which requires the date of the second dose, the social security number and the health card number as the only information. At this point, having recovered the code, we proceed with the various options to obtain the definitive Covid-19 Green Certification (which lasts 9 months) in real time, directly on theDCG portalto link the recovered code and the Health Card).

The Green Pass is likewise obtained onIO appas well as on theAppimmune, where the other types of code are also valid: CUN (unique national code of the molecular swab); NRFE (Electronic report number of the antigen buffer); NUCG (Unique Healing Number).

Green Pass without AUTHCODE

Those without one can also request the Digital Green Certificate (valid from XNUMX July throughout the EU, to travel to Europe without a buffer and quarantine) directly frommedical health insuranceorpharmacy(with the Health Card). In this way, the green pass can also be obtained without AUTHCODE or alternative codes.

Who has digital credentials likeSPID, for example, finally, you can download it directly from the official portal or from the Immuni App. For all the others, the health card is enough.

Note: certificates are issued in real time, notified with a message over the telephone or e-mail box. From XNUMX July, therefore, those who go to Europe can already have the certificate with them, even on smartphones (with QR code identification).

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Covid online certification (with and without AUTHCODE)

AUTHCODE is sent automatically, via SMS or email, when the platform generates the green pass: after 15 days from the first dose, the platform sends a message with the code which, together with the data of the Health Card, is used to obtain the Green Certification from the via the Immuni and IO App.Important: care must be taken that thesenderis the official one, i.e. for those who receive it viaEmail: and Min Health for the recipient receives it awaySMS.fitting instructionsto obtain the certification they are contained in the message itself: on the green pass portal you will have to enter some data of the health card (last eight digits of the identification number, expiry date) and the AUTHOCODE code. Inalternativeto this code it is also possible to insert one of the codes received when the swab / vaccine was carried out or the certificate of recovery was received. There is also a procedurewithout Health Card. In this case, always in relation to the request through the portal, you must enter the data of the document used in the swab, vaccine, or for the certificate of recovery.

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Covid certification via App

The procedure is the same for those who use the Appimmune. Therefore, also in this case the data of the Health Card are entered and the NB code on the app is not available the function for those who do not have the Health Card). Immediate Green Pass for those who log in with SPID to their own account on the AppIO, which makes the certification available (in full compliance with the prvacy directives).

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Green pass in person

Those who do not have a smartphone or computer, do not have the code or in any case prefer to apply for the Covid-19 Certification in person, can go directly to theirmedical health insuranceor go topharmacy, showing only the tax code and the Health Card.

Green pass for minors

IParentswho have left their contact details for their children, will also receive the AUTHCODE code on them to acquire the certification in their name. They receive the message via email or SMS and follow the instructions. We emphasize again that the sender must necessarily be one of the two indicated above, therefore for the email and Min Salute for the SMS.

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