Towards the end of the year, we are all inclined to take stock to understand what happened, what we could have changed and improved.

caygri SRL in a few days it will blow out its first candle and after a year I can say that I have made an excellent choice!
I met truly exceptional clients and partners who helped me open up to new horizons and consolidate old relationships.

This year for me has been a year of intense revolution not only in the company but also personally.

Let's start with a couple of new things:

  • I'm moving to Milan from January! 🏡
  • Physical events in Milan and in-depth #webinars for the pharmacy and beyond…
  • a new Cosmofarma to be organized down to the smallest detail
  • lots of news with partners

With the new year, we have decided to launch 2 new services with immediate activation and a very low cost.

  • Caygri Social Auto Poster
  • Caygri SMS and Therapeutic Adherence

With Caygri Social Autoposter you will be able to publish your post on all your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google MyBusiness) with one click! Plus you can even schedule when your next post will be published! St

Caygri SMS is the app to use sms marketing both to set a remider and to improve your patient's therapeutic adherence.


Contact now, we will call you back in less than 1 minute to offer you a first consultation that will totally change the way you manage things.
Success (and the future) is within reach with Caygri!