Farmacalendar is the solution to manage all reservations in your pharmacy

The covid-19 health emergency has accelerated the digitization process in almost all sectors, including the pharmaceutical sector. 

The ways of managing and selling products and services have changed. One of them is the management of reservations. The way in which each individual customer approaches the pharmacy has been updated. 

In this particular historical moment, pharmacies play a fundamental role. At the pharmacy you can book i anticovid tests and vaccines and therefore to help all people who are not proficient with technology and find it difficult to book their place through a web portal of the institutions.

With a management software for online pharmacy reservations, you will be able to manage and organize all requests made by phone or via messaging systems, such as WhatsApp. 

Receive reservations via phone or WhatsApp requires staff members who are always available and ready to organize orders by hand, on the PC or with pen and paper. A job that it takes time and energy and can be replaced by a management software for all reservations in your pharmacy. 

In Caygri, the web agency that transforms your pharmacy into digital, we have created Farmacalendar. Book your demo now. 


 Why choose a management software for online reservations? 


Online booking systems are useful and they bring great benefits to those who choose them. Having a management system for online reservations in your pharmacy means having a total control of all customer requests. Requests via telephone or WhatsApp are dispersive, a management system for online reservations means being organized without too much stress, such as, for example, in the question of booking anti-covid vaccines. 


By choosing to install a web app such as Farmacalendar, you will have a skillful and intuitive management and reservations in real time

Customers on the online management system for events in your pharmacy can easily book the anticovid test and / or other events and the telephone booth. The online booking process is intuitive and includes useful tips and information such as FAQs. 

Online reservations are made in real time and users receive immediate confirmation of the reservation made. Thus eliminates all the problems that can be encountered with management via telephone. The payments accepted are the most varied and secure, from credit cards to Paypal or directly at the pharmacy. 


Farmacalendar: what is it? 

Pharmacalendar is the management software for booking events in your pharmacy caygri

It is the web app to manage the reservations of events in the pharmacy and the beauty cabin in total ease and have a history and a complete profiling of all customers. With Farmacalendar, you can offer your customers:

  • An easy and intuitive online booking application
  • Reminder up to 2 hours before the appointment by mail or sms
  • Online payments with Paypal and / or credit card 

An online booking system is strategic tool to manage every request by customers in the best way and to increase the number of reservations, exponentially increasing revenues.

Farmacalendar can revolutionize the management of reservations in your pharmacy. 

The basic plan includes: 

  • Booking of events, such as anticovid tests and vaccines, and beauty cabin
  • Multilingual choice 
  • Multi-location choice 
  • Online payments with Paypal, credit card and / or directly at the pharmacy
  • Portal of all customers and order history 
  • Detailed reports 
  • appointment reminder via text message

Your customers easily book all the events in the pharmacy: you will have the history of the reservations always updated and a complete profiling of each individual customer. 

With Farmacalendar all appointments are scheduled and you can send continuous follow-ups to customers with dedicated promotions. 

The base plan is always customizable with extra modules. A complete application at simple prices accessible to all. 


What are you waiting for? Contact us for all information and book a demo for your pharmacy! 


PS Friday 16 April there is a Webinar dedicated to FarmaCalendar completely free. Book now!