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Happy New Year from Caygri

Another year is coming to an end .. and I'm staring at my pc monitor to find an adjective that describes my 2019 in one word.
The word of 2019 was: obstacles.
From January to today, my life together with Fantozzi's have been epochal, but summing up the obstacles have been overcome in a great way. As always, obstacles are jumped and thanks to these obstacles two important projects have been born.

The "my children" of 2019 are certainly BOTinfarma e Ready infarma.

Two services that arise from the need for pharmacies.

Not only that, it was a year of novelty and new organization of work.

Here are the first news of 2020:

  • on CRM we have changed the registration form with Electronic Invoicing. (look here too)
  • on ServerOutlet and LiveFarma a new helpdesk system has been integrated with many answers to frequently asked questions and a quick way to open a ticket directly from the site.
    Visit the new helpdesks of ServerOutlet and helpdesk of LiveFarma
  • I will be back at Cosmofarma.
  • New tutorials for shop management for all customers that can be viewed directly from CRM, just log in.
  • The Caygri Support module is born, directly from the sites created by Caygri you can send a support email directly from your site
  • a new project is in the works

These are just some of the news for 2020 .. keep following us