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How to be online in 15 days with your pharmacy? 

Your online pharmacy in just 15 days with Caygri and FarmaEcommerce

More and more pharmacists are choosing to open an online pharmacy. In Caygri we take care of helping various pharmaceutical companies a become a digital company. As an e-commerce agency, our mission is to always think about solution to grow and accompany every pharmacist in the digitization of their own online pharmacy in just 15 days.

The services offered to enter the world of e-commerce are among the most varied: e-commerce solutions, apps, CRM, websites and chatbots with the use of artificial intelligence. 

Caygri is: 

  • Without borders to sell your products throughout Italy 
  • Specialized assistance for continuous technical and legislative updates
  • Customization of your online pharmacy 
  • Cyber ​​Security: safety first of all


FarmaEcommerce is the complete solution for ecommerce for pharmacy and parapharmacy. 

In support of the online activity there are several synchronizations, for example, with FarmaDati to have all the product sheets in one click and 12 wholesalers. They are 20 i management supported to keep stocks and prices aligned, such as Pharmagest, Wingesfar, Winfarm, Farmaconsult and more. 

La data and payment security is Caygri's mantra. Credit card payments are integrated and accepted. By choosing us, the payment management is without penalty of $ 500 per year by Visa and mastercard and without monthly fees. You only pay the 1.2% commission for credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) and the exclusive Klarna Paga 3 Rare. 


By choosing FarmaEcommerce, your pharmacy is online in 15 days. And after which, once the e-commerce is finished, we offer several maintenance plans to grow your business fast online. 



Be online in 15 days: integration with 20 pharmacy management software 


With FarmaEcommerce, there will be no more difficulties. Caygri is years of experience and study for eliminate all warehouse problems between the pharmacy and the ecommerce, thanks to the synchronization with its own management system. 

Wrong stocks are a thing of the past: synchronization with the management system is always included in the price and only modules from certified companies. 

Caygri supports the synchronization of 20 management software. 

In the checklist of synchronized management systems, we find:

  • Wingesfar, Winfarm, UFI Farm, PharmaGest, CFS Sistemi F Platinum
  • Farmaconsult, EasyPharma, Sophia,
  • Planet Siteam Farma, Genius, Winfarm 2000 Heron Software 

A constantly updated list: if your management software is not there, contact us. Development is free. 


LiveFarma Core: the direct line with wholesalers and suppliers 


2020 and these first months of 2021 were marked by online commerce. The trend, however, has changed. If at the origin online purchases were purely on giants like Amazon or Ebay, it is with the lockdown period caused by the health emergency that consumers have rediscovered smaller and more local businesses. 


LiveFarma Core is the platform that connects FarmaEcommerce with distributors. To offer each customer more than 40000 products without necessarily having a warehouse and thus respond to everyone's needs. With LivePharma Core, the booking is handled directly. 


The LiveFarma Core middleware platform: 


  • does not slow FarmaEcommerce, being an external platform
  • is constantly updated and supports 12 wholesalers such as Guacci, Farvima, Comifarm, IdeaBellezza, So.farma.Morra, Unico, unifarm, CEF, Alliance, etc.
  • will show the products available from the one with the most advantageous price
  • if a product is not available, select the distributor with availability at the lowest price
  • sends to FarmaEcommerce the stock and price of all products after each order 
  • communicates with wholesalers and distributors after the customer has placed the order. 


It's time to transform your pharmacy: expand your business and enter the world of e-commerce. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Welcome LiveFarma Core

We have received numerous requests regarding expansion and optimized software with artificial intelligence principles for sorting and updating products arriving from the largest distributors in the pharmaceutical world and in a software defined as middleware (i.e. middleware and through) with our farmaEcommerce.

For this we have created LiveFarma Core, the core is the heart of every computer and gives the real dirty work!

The LiveFarma Core platform allows you to:

  • question distributors how Guacci, Farvima, Comifar, IdeaBellezza, So.farma.Morra and many others updating prices and quantities
  • when a product is available in several distributors, LiveFarma Core autonomously makes it available on farmaeCommerce the product that costs less
  • in case a product is not available in a distributor LiveFarma Core select the first distributor with availability and at the lowest price
  • LiveFarma Core send to farmaEcommerce the stock and the correct price of all products
    when a customer orders on farmaEcommerce
  • LiveFarma Core orders the product with the quantities purchased by the customer from the distributor
  • LiveFarma Core it is compatible with all management systems for pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • LiveFarma Core with the farmaEcommerce module adds a label with the name of the distributor where the product was ordered.

LiveFarma Core is an independent platform with its own database and communicates via API with our farmaEcommerce eCommerce, solves numerous synchronization problems and improves the performance of our ecommerce.

Livefarma Core is ideal for:

  • small pharmacies and parapharmacies with little stock
  • large pharmacies to increase the number of products
  • pharmacies with multiple warehouses and / or located in different cities


For information, demos and insights we are always at your disposal via the page Contacts, by chat and by phone

LiveFarma: a necessary change

New LiveFarma Site

The new site dedicated to LiveFarma.
LiveFarma allows you to synchronize Wingesfar, Winfarm and Farmadati with your online shop created with Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento.
After Cosmofarma, there was a lot of demand for LiveFarma and I noticed all the flaws in the site, also when a person buys a module he wants efficiency and he wants it immediately! Two months of work and LiveFarma was born, much more complete and much safer.

I have added many new features to make purchasing and assistance easier and easier for all LiveFarma customers.

Let's start immediately with the news:

(I.e. From today it is possible to pay with Paypal, Credit Card and SSD Direct Debit both the annual and monthly license with automatic renewal!

(I.e. After purchasing your LiveFarma you can immediately download it and activate the license on your domain

(I.e. FAQ section full of answers to the most frequently asked questions and always updated —->

(I.e. Improved Customer Support through advanced and direct ticket management to make communication more effective ->

??? To celebrate the 1st year of LiveFarma ??? not only with the new site but also with a 20% discount code
inserting the COUPON: 20NEW valid until July 31st.