How to be online in 15 days with your pharmacy? 

Your online pharmacy in just 15 days with Caygri and FarmaEcommerce

More and more pharmacists are choosing to open an online pharmacy. In Caygri we take care of helping various pharmaceutical companies a become a digital company. As an e-commerce agency, our mission is to always think about solution to grow and accompany every pharmacist in the digitization of their own online pharmacy in just 15 days.

The services offered to enter the world of e-commerce are among the most varied: e-commerce solutions, apps, CRM, websites and chatbots with the use of artificial intelligence. 

Caygri is: 

  • Without borders to sell your products throughout Italy 
  • Specialized assistance for continuous technical and legislative updates
  • Customization of your online pharmacy 
  • Cyber ​​Security: safety first of all


FarmaEcommerce is the complete solution for ecommerce for pharmacy and parapharmacy. 

In support of the online activity there are several synchronizations, for example, with FarmaDati to have all the product sheets in one click and 12 wholesalers. They are 20 i management supported to keep stocks and prices aligned, such as Pharmagest, Wingesfar, Winfarm, Farmaconsult and more. 

La data and payment security is Caygri's mantra. Credit card payments are integrated and accepted. By choosing us, the payment management is without penalty of $ 500 per year by Visa and mastercard and without monthly fees. You only pay the 1.2% commission for credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) and the exclusive Klarna Paga 3 Rare. 


By choosing FarmaEcommerce, your pharmacy is online in 15 days. And after which, once the e-commerce is finished, we offer several maintenance plans to grow your business fast online. 



Be online in 15 days: integration with 20 pharmacy management software 


With FarmaEcommerce, there will be no more difficulties. Caygri is years of experience and study for eliminate all warehouse problems between the pharmacy and the ecommerce, thanks to the synchronization with its own management system. 

Wrong stocks are a thing of the past: synchronization with the management system is always included in the price and only modules from certified companies. 

Caygri supports the synchronization of 20 management software. 

In the checklist of synchronized management systems, we find:

  • Wingesfar, Winfarm, UFI Farm, PharmaGest, CFS Sistemi F Platinum
  • Farmaconsult, EasyPharma, Sophia,
  • Planet Siteam Farma, Genius, Winfarm 2000 Heron Software 

A constantly updated list: if your management software is not there, contact us. Development is free. 


LiveFarma Core: the direct line with wholesalers and suppliers 


2020 and these first months of 2021 were marked by online commerce. The trend, however, has changed. If at the origin online purchases were purely on giants like Amazon or Ebay, it is with the lockdown period caused by the health emergency that consumers have rediscovered smaller and more local businesses. 


LiveFarma Core is the platform that connects FarmaEcommerce with distributors. To offer each customer more than 40000 products without necessarily having a warehouse and thus respond to everyone's needs. With LivePharma Core, the booking is handled directly. 


The LiveFarma Core middleware platform: 


  • does not slow FarmaEcommerce, being an external platform
  • is constantly updated and supports 12 wholesalers such as Guacci, Farvima, Comifarm, IdeaBellezza, So.farma.Morra, Unico, unifarm, CEF, Alliance, etc.
  • will show the products available from the one with the most advantageous price
  • if a product is not available, select the distributor with availability at the lowest price
  • sends to FarmaEcommerce the stock and price of all products after each order 
  • communicates with wholesalers and distributors after the customer has placed the order. 


It's time to transform your pharmacy: expand your business and enter the world of e-commerce. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Opening an online pharmacy: why is it important?

Opening an online pharmacy: why is it important?

A guide to e-commerce for pharmacies, to understand the need to be present online. 

Since its debut in society, the Internet has radically changed uses and customs. Today, also following the health emergency, online commerce is becoming more and more essential for commercial activities.

People can buy everything they need without moving from the sofa at home. The distance between shops and consumers, with e-commerce, can be measured in one click.

The e-commerce hurricane is reaching all sectors, including the pharmaceutical one. It is essential to understand that for an e-commerce for pharmacies to work, you need a specialist. From developing a platform to an effective web marketing strategy, it's the industry professionals who can get your online pharmacy off the ground.

The online pharmacy: a must have for 2021

The digital transformation of businesses is a phenomenon that is spreading globally.

Our country is currently facing the so-called third wave, most of the regions in the red zone and people forced into houses. The pharmacy is a point of reference for health and the pharmacist can satisfy all the needs of citizens. Opening an online pharmacy means allowing you to buy drugs and / or other products in total comfort and safety. A wide range of products allows the user to buy everything they need in a single purchase (and not pay the shipping costs) and receive it comfortably at home.

The product catalog is consulted on e-commerce by users, who can make an informed choice e find a real ally in the online pharmacy. As a pharmacist, with the installation and use of state-of-the-art platforms, it will be easy to load and manage all products. The online pharmacy must be found by the user through search engines, social networks: before jumping into the online market, you need to have a strategy ready to promote yourself and thus appear in user searches.

E-commerce for pharmacies means direct supply of products and services, advice and support (for example, to book for the Covid-19 vaccine) e direct line (remote) with every single consumer.


The advantages of an e-commerce site for pharmacies


The world of the pharmacy is changing. More and more pharmacists decide to go online, developing an e-commerce, opening social pages to sell their products and maintain a constant relationship with customers even from a distance.

On e-commerce, the pharmacist can make available all the products in stock or those of his suppliers and wholesalers. An extensive online catalog satisfies the user's needs, increasing the stay on the site and leading to a possible final purchase.

Online pharmacy is successful because it is a business of products related to health and wellness. The health emergency from Covid-19 has increased the demand for products, such as masks, which are now mandatory. By implementing an e-commerce for pharmacies it is possible to sell all medicines without a prescription, such as over-the-counter or self-medication drugs, homeopathic products, for veterinary use, for children, cosmetics, supplements, medical devices, etc.

Having a functioning e-commerce is a added advantage. People who are usually more skeptical of online purchases rely on an online pharmacy because they are health-related products.

E-commerce for pharmacies means offering an efficient service. And a satisfied user, who can shop at any time from the comfort of his home, is a loyal customer.

For more information, we are always at your disposal please contact us and we will answer all questions.

Increase of purchases in the online e-commerce of the Italian pharmacy

The pace may slow down, but the expansion of the online market of the Italian pharmacy does not stop, which in February grew by 63% in turnover and 55% in packs sold compared to the same month of 2020. And on the mobile year - that is the 12 months that always end in February - marks an increase of 71% in terms of values ​​and 84,8% in volumes. The data comes from Iqvia and was presented by Francesco Cavone, director of Consumer health offering & operations of the international company, in the webinar that Pharmacy Scanner and Retail Hub proposed last Wednesday, March 24, to talk about omnichannel in pharmacies.




The online pharmacy market, according to the numbers of Iqvia, is worth just under 400 million euros in Italy but shows a strong dynamism: in 2019 only 1,4% participated in the European e-commerce of the consumer healthcare sector. in 2020 the market share grew to 4%. We are still a long way from Germany, which accounts for 18% of the European market (about 13 billion euros), but in 2020 the German country grew by just 15%. «By now» is Cavone's comment «online is in the consumer's DNA: forced home by the lockdown, he understood that e-commerce allows him to buy in comfort, without going out, and now he considers it an alternative channel or complementary to traditional pharmacy ".



In addition to dynamism, the other characteristic of the Italian online pharmacy market is polarization: even if more than a thousand pharmacies and neighborhood businesses have obtained authorization for the online sale of the OTC drug, 90% of distance selling is concentrated in no more than 150 points of sale; the same goes for consumption: 60% is concentrated in the OTC basket, that is, over-the-counter drugs and supplements; 33% concerns personal care (hygiene and beauty) while patient care (devices and parafamaco) and nutrition generate only 5 and 3% of sales respectively.



But the polarization also concerns the individual baskets: in the OTC, the first five categories by market share (out of a total of 18) absorb 67% of purchases (always in values); in hygiene and beauty the top 5 (out of twenty) cover 91%, in parapharmaceuticals 63%, in nutrition 93%. «Analysis and consumer interviews» Cavone observes in this regard «say that the first factor in online loyalty - at least the one that convinces you to make your first remote purchase - is the price. After this first phase, however, the customer remains faithful to a site for the services that it offers and that allow him to buy safely: a 24-hour toll-free number that helps him in case of problems, assistance in choosing the product, simplified management of returns, are all important elements for those who buy online ».

Privacy can also have its relevance: "For products such as slimming products, incontinence items and other references," confirms Cavone, "the possibility of buying remotely while remaining hidden can represent a plus for many consumers". It is another argument in favor of a pharmacy that oversees with the same attention online and offline to offer its customers the sales route they prefer from time to time.

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