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Elena Caramanico wins the award

Elena Caramanico, our CEO and founder of Caygri, won the award on 6 October 2021 as "𝐂𝐄𝐎 𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐥'𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐨 𝐄𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐳𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐢 𝐃𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐚 "With the following motivation:

Online electronic prescription reservation, anticipating a need that would have emerged in a preponderant way with the pandemic, the only ones to have one already tested and ready for the market. For implementing ProntoinFarma with CiaoDottore, breaking down the communication walls between GPs, patients and pharmacists.


ProntoinFarma and CiaoDottore quickly became Caygri's flagships.
I dedicate this award only to myself and to my hard head that knows no obstacles and limits and where it sees obstacles and limits, always creates doors or breaks down limits.
CiaoDottore I dedicate it to everyone, you will all know it, to Italy and Europe.
This is my gift to humanity. (and I'm not exaggerating, you will find out very very soon)
For your children CiaoDottore, it will be normal.
Your children will learn about true digital healthcare.
Digital healthcare will be a reality, no longer a chimera.
Thanks for the virtual affection, to those who have had time for a comment or a reaction.
Thanks to those who sent me flowers and gifts from all over Italy.
Thanks to my legal research and compliance team.
Thanks to general practitioners, pharmacies and patients who offered themselves as testers in 2018/2019.
Thanks to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Telemedicine department.
Thanks to the Ministry of Health and all state bodies for the approval of CiaoDottore.
Here, we are always only ready for the future.
PS I leave you to my shaky selfie from the awards ceremony.

How to get the Green Pass

Green pass automatically, those who do not receive the AUTHCODE code can download it online, issue the certification even without SPID, with a health card.

Ilgreen pass Italian is generated automatically, to obtain the Covid certificationin paper or digital format (or with only QR Code) the code is usedAUTHCODE, which you can receive at the email address or telephone number you provide at the time of vaccination, or you can retrieve it independently from the DGC national portal (

How to get AUTHCODE online

To get the AUTCHODE just visit thislink: fill in the fields with the tax code and health card: la new feature“Retrieve your AUTHCODE“, Activatefrom July 30, allows you to immediately obtain the AUTHCODE code or the other types of code, i.e. those released following a swab (CUN or NRFE for the antigen / molecular test) or certificate of cure (NUCG).

Green Pass with AUTHCODE

Hence, whoever does not receive the code viaSMSoemail(e-mail) when the Covid-19 Green Certification is ready, you can retrieve your code in a few seconds: just use the function, which requires the date of the second dose, the social security number and the health card number as the only information. At this point, having recovered the code, we proceed with the various options to obtain the definitive Covid-19 Green Certification (which lasts 9 months) in real time, directly on theDCG portalto link the recovered code and the Health Card).

The Green Pass is likewise obtained onIO appas well as on theAppimmune, where the other types of code are also valid: CUN (unique national code of the molecular swab); NRFE (Electronic report number of the antigen buffer); NUCG (Unique Healing Number).

Green Pass without AUTHCODE

Those without one can also request the Digital Green Certificate (valid from XNUMX July throughout the EU, to travel to Europe without a buffer and quarantine) directly frommedical health insuranceorpharmacy(with the Health Card). In this way, the green pass can also be obtained without AUTHCODE or alternative codes.

Who has digital credentials likeSPID, for example, finally, you can download it directly from the official portal or from the Immuni App. For all the others, the health card is enough.

NB: certificates are issued in real time, notified with a message over the telephone or e-mail box. From XNUMX July, therefore, those who go to Europe can already have the certificate with them, even on smartphones (with QR code identification).

=> Digital Green Certificate: calendar and rules in Italy and Europe

Covid online certification (with and without AUTHCODE)

AUTHCODE is sent automatically, via SMS or email, when the platform generates the green pass: after 15 days from the first dose, the platform sends a message with the code which, together with the data of the Health Card, is used to obtain the Green Certification from the via the Immuni and IO App.Important: care must be taken that thesenderis the official one, i.e. for those who receive it viaemail: and Min Health for the recipient receives it awaySMS.instructionsto obtain the certification they are contained in the message itself: on the green pass portal you will have to enter some data of the health card (last eight digits of the identification number, expiry date) and the AUTHOCODE code. Inalternativeto this code it is also possible to insert one of the codes received when the swab / vaccine was carried out or the certificate of recovery was received. There is also a procedurewithout Health Card. In this case, always in relation to the request through the portal, you must enter the data of the document used in the swab, vaccine, or for the certificate of recovery.

=> How to download the Covid Green Pass on the Immuni App

Covid certification via App

The procedure is the same for those who use the Appimmune. Therefore, also in this case the data of the Health Card are entered and the NB code on the app is not available the function for those who do not have the Health Card). Immediate Green Pass for those who log in with SPID to their own account on the AppIO, which makes the certification available (in full compliance with the prvacy directives).

=> How to download the Covid Green Pass on App IO

Green pass in person

Those who do not have a smartphone or computer, do not have the code or in any case prefer to apply for the Covid-19 Certification in person, can go directly to theirmedical health insuranceor go topharmacy, showing only the tax code and the Health Card.

Green pass for minors

IParentswho have left their contact details for their children, will also receive the AUTHCODE code on them to acquire the certification in their name. They receive the message via email or SMS and follow the instructions. We emphasize again that the sender must necessarily be one of the two indicated above, therefore for the email and Min Salute for the SMS.

I thank the source of the PMI.IT article

WhatsApp Business vs Pharmacies: What's Happening?

We explain why you cannot open a WhatsApp Business account for your pharmacy

E-commerce and social networks are now an integral part of every business in almost all sectors. The pharmaceutical sector is not far behind. The health emergency from Covid-19 has accelerated and made digitalization indispensable: when it is safer to stay at home, it is essential to reach your customers in all possible ways. Here because digital is the solution.

Digital tools are a great help in providing services but you need time and energy for management.

Caygri offers digital solutions. E-commerce to sell their products, management system for online reservations, such as booking the covid-19 vaccine. Institution platforms are certainly not known for being easy and intuitive, and less tech-savvy customers need help. 

Last, not least, a messaging platform. WhatsApp is the app that about 33 million Italians use to send messages and for companies it has become an indispensable means of communication, given that the Menlo Park platform is increasingly implementing e-commerce features. Doctors frequently use Whatsapp to communicate with their patients, but there is a blockage for pharmacies.

If you install WhatsApp Business for your pharmacy, your account will be blocked because it “violated the platform's regulations”. WhatsApp Business and pharmacies, what is happening?

What is the business account

WhatsApp Business is the version of WhatsApp for companies. A WhatsApp Business account is the business channel and offers more than a private account. It should be noted that many pharmacists and / or other professionals and sellers use a non-business account for work. To communicate with their customers, sales and purchases and reservations are limited to the private account, depriving themselves of many WhatsApp Business opportunities. In addition to the photo / logo, you can enter the address with a map, opening hours, the various links to the website and member profiles and a brief description. Automatic systems for creating and sending simple messages, called chatbots, have been implemented and under development. A few examples? Message from bewelcome to new users or the automatic reply during closing times, etc.

Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold. It is not possible for pharmacists to use a WhatsApp Business account.

Platforms like WhatsApp have supranational regulations (it is American, it respects the American rules, which it also puts into effect in Italy and so in the rest of the world, without taking into account the regulations of the single State). These regulations do not take into account the specificity of the single activity.

WhatsApp Business vs Pharmacies: the block

Le WhatsApp regulations to be respected, under penalty of permanent blocking:

  • When selling goods or services, we consider that all messages and multimedia content relating to those goods or services, including any description, price, fee, tax and / or any additional information required by law, constitute transactions. Transactions must comply with the regulations listed below, applicable terms, laws and regulations.
  • Companies may not transact in the sale of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs or drugs.
  • Companies may not transact in the sale of unsafe ingestible supplements as determined by WhatsApp in its sole discretion.
  • Substances prohibited on sale: Chitosan, symphytum, Blood, urine, human growth hormones, ephedrine, dehydroepiandrosterone
  • Diets, weight loss products or other health related products that involve or attempt to generate a negative self-perception in people.
  • Contact lenses, bandages and braces for physical injuries, thermometers, test kits for medical conditions or diseases, breast pumps, first aid kits.

All this if detected by the automatic WhatsApp spider leads to the blocking of the business account. For the customers, the account will be visible but you will be able to respond to their requests because it is blocked.

There are two plausible solutions in front of this scenario: use a private WhatsApp account but without the pros of a business account or implement an auto responder, like our BotinFarma.

BOTinFarma by Caygri is the automatic responder equipped with Artificial Intelligence, even when you are not available on the PC or the pharmacy is closed. Answer all your customers' questions directly from your Facebook page. Contact us now and find out how it works!

Caygri Support - New helpdesk

Dear Pharmacist,

to meet your needs I have decided to develop a simpler system for communicating and managing projects. On Caygri Support you can submit tickets, chat and read tutorials on all our services.

How do I register?
Enter your
Click on "Register Now" and just enter your Name and Email Address.
You will receive an email to activate your account and set your password.

How to use?

As simple as sending an email to a ticket will be generated with a unique referral ID.
So simple, you can reply directly from your email.
You find a yellow dot on the right of your screen, both on Caygri.IT and on Caygri Support, that's the chat.

and Caygri CRM? always remains active for the management of billing, projects and contracts. Also from you can chat with the same access data as Caygri Support and read the FAQs.

Welcome LiveFarma Core

We have received numerous requests regarding expansion and optimized software with artificial intelligence principles for sorting and updating products arriving from the largest distributors in the pharmaceutical world and in a software defined as middleware (i.e. middleware and through) with our farmaEcommerce.

For this we have created LiveFarma Core, the core is the heart of every computer and gives the real dirty work!

The LiveFarma Core platform allows you to:

  • question distributors how Guacci, Farvima, Comifar, IdeaBellezza, So.farma.Morra and many others updating prices and quantities
  • when a product is available in several distributors, LiveFarma Core autonomously makes it available on farmaeCommerce the product that costs less
  • in case a product is not available in a distributor LiveFarma Core select the first distributor with availability and at the lowest price
  • LiveFarma Core send to farmaEcommerce the stock and the correct price of all products
    when a customer orders on farmaEcommerce
  • LiveFarma Core orders the product with the quantities purchased by the customer from the distributor
  • LiveFarma Core it is compatible with all management systems for pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • LiveFarma Core with the farmaEcommerce module adds a label with the name of the distributor where the product was ordered.

LiveFarma Core is an independent platform with its own database and communicates via API with our farmaEcommerce eCommerce, solves numerous synchronization problems and improves the performance of our ecommerce.

Livefarma Core is ideal for:

  • small pharmacies and parapharmacies with little stock
  • large pharmacies to increase the number of products
  • pharmacies with multiple warehouses and / or located in different cities


For information, demos and insights we are always at your disposal via the page Contacts, by chat and by phone

eCommerce: CoronaVirus logistics problems

Coronavirus logistics: Poste Italiane

Coronavirus Italian Post

As for parcels and express courier, Poste Italiane - according to what is reported on their website - respects the security measures regarding the delivery process. Poste Italiane operators have been instructed to follow the guidelines for the prevention of contagion by maintaining a safety distance of at least one meter. Alternatively, another option was developed: a 5-number code to be communicated to the Poste Italiane employee to replace the signature for receipt.

Instead, we are talking about geographical areas where the delivery is limited and / or impossible. From the latest news available, Poste Italiane does not carry out collections and deliveries are problematic in the following areas:

  • Until,
  • Wedge,
  • Varese,
  • Rome 1,
  • Turin 1 and Turin 2,
  • Brescia
  • Bergamo,
  • Genoa,
  • Milan 4,
  • Bologna,
  • Modena.

Suburbs included.

Furthermore, the complete block of bulky packages - over 25 kilograms - should be emphasized. This type of package is not available for collection and, more generally, the collection of packages that require more than one person for handling due to shape and / or size is blocked.

However, following the death of two Poste Italiane employees, the company is considering the total closure and blocking of services. Further updates will follow.

Coronavirus Logistics: GLS

GLS coronavirus

GLS has just developed a methodology of delivery without signature so as to minimize human contact in the delivery process.

Regarding the problem areas, below is the list:

  • Bergamo L4 (completely inoperative)
  • Albino L6 (completely inoperative)
  • Cividino L5 (completely inoperative)
  • Pero M101 (completely inoperative)
  • Civesio M104 (completely inoperative)
  • Rho M4 (partially operational)
  • Milan M1 (partially operational)
  • Genoa G1 and Chiavari G103 (partially operational)
  • Monza M6 (partially operational)
  • Ardeatina R3 (partially operational)
  • Brescia BS and Manerbio BS01 (partially operational)
  • Rovato RT (partially operational)
  • Mantova V2 (partially operational)
  • Reggio Emilia E5 (partially operational)
  • Pavia M7 (partially operational)
  • Terni TR (partially operational)
  • Rieti RI (partially operational)
  • Bologna E3 and Room E301 (partially operational)

Coronavirus logistics: DHL

DHL coronavirus

As regards DHL, on the other hand, strict sanitation measures have been implemented:

  • One meter distance between people being delivered.
  • The absolute prohibition of physical contact (handshakes and hugs).
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Coughing / sneezing using the elbow for protection.
  • Limit contact with face (eyes, mouth, nose).
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces very frequently.

According to the latest news, DHL should still be fully operational except for the subsidiaries of Bergamo Brescia.

Coronavirus Logistics: BRT

BRT coronavirus

BRT has updated the list of non-operational or reduced-operational branches. Collection and delivery activities are suspended in the following branches:

  • Rovato (141),
  • Brescia (093),
  • Brescia center (173),
  • Bergamo Osio (094),
  • Bergamo Grassobbio (110).

Consequently, BRT does not deliver to neighboring municipalities.

Furthermore, BRT asks not to entrust goods destined for areas towards which a non-circulation ordinance has been issued (Ariano Irpino - AV and Medicine - BO).

BRT guidelines also extend to international shipments: no deliveries will be made to the following foreign countries - Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. On the other hand, deliveries are made to the following countries despite heavy delays due to stringent customs controls: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark and Hungary.

Coronavirus logistics: UPS

UPS coronavirus

UPS guarantees service everywhere. However, it specifies that in the following areas shipments - in all probability - will suffer delays:

  • Modena,
  • Campobasso,
  • Ariano Irpino,
  • Medicine,
  • Procida,
  • Athena Lucana,
  • Caggiano,
  • Consilina Room,
  • Foggia,
  • L'Aquila,
  • Chicken,
  • Chieti,
  • Pescara, 
  • Genova.

Coronavirus couriers: TNT


Regarding TNT, the following has been provided.

Generally speaking, shipments will most likely suffer, significant delays.

As regards packages over 68 kg (and shipments that are difficult to handle) there are limitations. In addition, the branches of BresciaOrbassanoBergamo e Alexandria they are inoperative (there is no possibility to collect or deliver).

Other branches with interrupted operations are scattered throughout the municipalities of Zibido, Genoa, Como, Monza, Milan and Bologna. In the same areas, however, there is the possibility that the service will be suspended. With regard to Modena Vicenza international and collection services may be suspended.

Coronavirus couriers: Nexive


As for Nexive, this is the situation. The branches are all up and running with the exception of Brescia (closed until March 31st).

Nexive asks its customers to suspend shipments in these areas as not reachable by couriers due to the legislative order.

  • Zip code 83030: Savignano Irpino, Aviano Irpino, Montaguto, Greci.
  • Ganzanigo and Medicine (province of Bologna).
  • Caggiano, Polla, Atena Lucana and Sala Consilina (province of Salerno).

5 tips for e-commerce

In this emergency period, we close the article with some practical tips for e-commerce.

  1. Start one collaboration with an offline retailer. These are in trouble because of the virus. By working together you can both increase sales and broaden your target audience. Think, for example, of discount promotions on some products of a local company, which you can release.
  2. Yes prepared and responsive to change. The scenario is constantly evolving, try to respond to change as quickly as possible.
  3. Make your e-commerce is ready to receive traffic. Ecommerce is growing - especially right now - make sure your site doesn't crash from too much traffic.
  4. Communicate and advertise at the right time. Supermarket shelves are stocked at regular intervals. If you're selling something that you can buy in a supermarket, advertising it in times of scarcity can be a good move.
  5. Try to offer flexibility in delivery. Don't rely on a single courier, especially during this time - because the scenario can change quickly.

Article taken from SendCloud

Free Webinar Calendar for Pharmacists


starting from Friday 28 February, every Friday at 15:00 Caygri will hold free webinars on the world of digital pharmacy and will answer all the questions that will be asked during the live broadcast.

What is a webinar?
The webinar is a "live" video where we talk about a specific topic, in this case we will talk about the digital pharmacy. All participants can ask questions and leave reactions.

Where? On a dedicated platform and on Facebook.

When? Every Friday from 15pm.

How much? it's completely free!

I'm busy, can I see him again? Yes! If unfortunately you will not be able to follow the live broadcast, you will find the recording on ours Youtube channel.

The complete program:

  • February 28: "Increase your turnover in pharmacies with the web"
  • March 6: "How to manage social networks in the pharmacy"
  • March 13: "How to open an e-commerce in a pharmacy"
  • March 20: "Receive recipes with an app"
  • March 27: "Customer loyalty in pharmacies with the web"
  • April 3: "What happens when your pharmacy is closed"
  • April 10: "I'll wait for you at Cosmofarma"

Sign up now it's free! -> Free Webinar

Happy New Year from Caygri

Another year is coming to an end .. and I'm staring at my pc monitor to find an adjective that describes my 2019 in one word.
The word of 2019 was: obstacles.
From January to today, my life together with Fantozzi's have been epochal, but summing up the obstacles have been overcome in a great way. As always, obstacles are jumped and thanks to these obstacles two important projects have been born.

The "my children" of 2019 are certainly BOTinfarma e Ready infarma.

Two services that arise from the need for pharmacies.

Not only that, it was a year of novelty and new organization of work.

Here are the first news of 2020:

  • on CRM we have changed the registration form with Electronic Invoicing. (look here too)
  • on ServerOutlet and LiveFarma a new helpdesk system has been integrated with many answers to frequently asked questions and a quick way to open a ticket directly from the site.
    Visit the new helpdesks of ServerOutlet and helpdesk of LiveFarma
  • I will be back at Cosmofarma.
  • New tutorials for shop management for all customers that can be viewed directly from CRM, just log in.
  • The Caygri Support module is born, directly from the sites created by Caygri you can send a support email directly from your site
  • a new project is in the works

These are just some of the news for 2020 .. keep following us


ProntoinFarma: app of your pharmacy

Dear friends,

we have arrived in November, it is time for planting and hard work .. it is a month where Christmas is planned, it is the month of Black Friday and next year's business settings.

There are many ongoing projects in the Caygri house. It took a while to wait but ProntoinFarma the site is available, soon a demo app will also be available to navigate and test it with all its features. Now we can reveal the secret .. what does Prontoinfarma do?

ProntoinFarma is a personalized app dedicated to the pharmacy for sponsorship and social and technological use of the pharmacy. You can have the app with the name and logo of the pharmacy to manage the usual recipes that pharmacists receive via Whatsapp without losing them and see them all together in a single panel, notify the customer of the arrival or preparation of their medical prescription via push notifications .

Having an app for your pharmacy means being in every mobile phone of your customers with your contact details, with your own schedules and links to social networks and helps you to sponsor and manage your events in the pharmacy directly from your mobile and always be updated for changes / cancellations of reservations.

The app allows you to have 2 types of users for the advanced management of prices and promotions and to send push notifications dedicated to your customers.

According to the needs of the pharmacy it is possible to integrate your e-commerce and your own management system, so as to always have everything together and to know which channel you receive the order from.

I remind you that the app is already available and already used in 6 pharmacies, if you want to find out how the price works, just contact us!

The quote is always free, but until December 31st there is a unique promotion, that is 25% discount!


Come and meet us at SMAU Milan 23 October


Wednesday 23 October, 14.30 pm at SMAU Milan, at Arean Smart Communities there will be my workshop dedicated to Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Herbalists, Federfarma. ? ‍⚕️

"The change in pharmacies with e-commerce" ???

You can register and see my conference online too

On the occasion of the conference, the ProntoinFarma app will be previewed.